Lexus is working on making its security system a standard feature of the policies for 2020

Company, Lexus, Japanese make its security system based on camera, radar and a standard feature of all its policies for the year 2020.

It is worth mentioning that these features based on camera and radar is not particularly new, but it wasn’t available and only models expensive just yet.

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You may focus this feature is mainly on the practical element is more a brake and pre-collision, where you can slow down the car or even you stop to avoid collisions. You will also find a system to warn of lane departure to prevent you from drifting across the road.

In the case of monitor lights to come, is lowering the front light of the car automatically, while slowing down the cruise control based radar for traffic.

It appears that Lexus is working heavily on the lifting of the base of safety in luxury cars.


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