LG actually started to make a research about the networks of the previous generation 6G

LG V40 ThinQ

Expected to be first to launch 5G this year, is likely to become the 5G is the norm after a few years in all around the world. This also means that, just as happened with 4G LTE, you’ll come to a stage where it will be the replacement 5G with 6G, and it seems that LG want to start developing this technology now.

South Korean police announced today that they will air Research Center 6G in cooperation with KAIST. While it seems premature to start research on the technology of 6G, and particularly to smart phones that are compatible with the 5G didn’t hit the market yet, LG says that they want to run things.

According to Professor Cho Dong-Ho, has stated by saying : ” it is important to improve the competitiveness of the technology of mobile communications of the Korean and prepping for the industries of the future which will be released after 10 years from the commencement of the development of the technology of 6G “. Basically, it seems that LG wants to maintain its competitiveness by jumping into the 6G by everyone.

Certainly it is too early to know what changes are coming by the networks of the previous generation 6G. Given that there are many companies that are just starting to explore what can be done using 5G technology, we might have to wait for a very long time before the launch of the networks of the previous generation 6G.

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