LG also require to detect phone +LG K12 in the exhibition MWC 2019

LG V40 ThinQ

Confirmed to us by LG yesterday, they are going to dislodge the curtain officially on her phone next flagship LG G8 ThinQ is the front camera of the three-dimensional at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held late this month in Barcelona, Spain, but it seems that it won’t be the only one who will be about the South Korean company in this event. According to the rumors the new that are being traded today, it seems that it will also announce other smart phone carries the name of the +LG K12, which is the phone which frequency now that it will have technical specifications low.

According to the arrangements of the new rumors, it was speculated that the phone +LG K12 new will screen free long widget size of 5.8-inch and accurately +HD, and a processor eight-core of the category of the MediaTek Helio P22, and the random size of 3GB. Given that the phone +LG K11 got in last year with 32GB of internal memory, we expect that up phone +LG K12 with the same amount of internal memory.

Apart from that, it has reverb as well now that the phone +LG K12 will come preinstalled with Android 8.1 Oreo, and will most likely sensor fingerprint in the backend and facial recognition technology that we now see in smart phones which belong to the same category as phone +LG K12 new.


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