LG announces a range of smart home devices to the new ” talking ” with each other


In the past year or so, we began to observe an increase in reliance on technology, artificial intelligence, and this clearly indicates that this is the technology of the future. Thus, if you are of people who are looking to make their homes ” smarter“, you should be excited to hear what’s been announced by LG today at CES CES 2018.

Recently, the company LG detects speaker LG smart ThinQ Speaker supported by the digital assistant Google Assistant, and also detects the new range of TVs-backed artificial intelligence LG ThinQ AI, but that’s not all, because the company LG announced it today announced a series of its devices the home the new smart LG ThinQ Smart Home Appliances. As the suggests name, these smart home devices New, which include refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc. appliances and other smart have the ability to ” talk ” with each other.

For example, a smart Refrigerator LG InstaView ThinQ supported by the digital assistant Alexa will give users recipes based on existing components they have, and from there users can send information the temperature of the cooking recipes and time in the next step.

Users will be also able to use Smart Tags which allows users to add information to items in the refrigerator, such as dates of expiry so that they can alert them when the expire food. Users can also check the contents of the refrigerator from outside the home via smart application to find out what are the elements that have brought with them from the market or grocery store. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the prices, but we don’t expect it to be cheap in any case.

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