LG announces the smart screen ThinQ WK9-backed assistant Google

The new device falls under what it calls Google the name of the smart screens supported with her smartphone.

We already pointed to Google’s announcement that it brought her smartphone to a new range of devices including smart screens, which are devices used kitchen idea of your Echo Show from Amazon, since it consists primarily of a touch screen and front camera, and speaker Built-in Audio, designed by several different partners, including Lenovo and Sony.

Now join the LG menu through the announcement during CES CES 2018 on the screen a LG smart ThinQ WK9-backed assistant Google included Chromecast built-in.

This screen offers the possibility to get answers to Visual to voice commands, and watch YouTube videos, make calls through the messaging application Duo, along with the possibility of connecting it with the rest of the devices speakers included Assistant and Chromecast located in the area.

Unfortunately, the details of this device are still few, but we know that it includes a screen 8-inch touch screen, front camera, along with speaker Double from the manufacturing company acoustics Meridian, which dealt with LG in the manufacture of audio amplifier smart home LG ThinQ supported also by the assistant Google.

There is not yet any details on the specifications of audio pricing or date of availability, but given that similar devices from Lenovo and JBL will be launched in early summer, it is expected to delete the device, LG’s new suit.


Source: LG announces the smart screen ThinQ WK9-backed assistant Google