LG choose 3 October as to dislodge the curtain officially from LG phone V40 ThinQ


Well, we expect it to be a formal unveiling of LG phone V40 ThinQ in the near future, given that he got the necessary approvals from the various regulatory bodies, including the NRR and the FCC, but we didn’t expect that to happen in the very near future. In a publication on the official blog, the company has scheduled a conference press Next where you’re going to announce a phone its new flagship.

The date is October 3 the event will be held in the country’s economic capital of America, New York follows the second event in the South Korean capital Seoul the next day. Come support this event on the format of the video alludes to the advent of the LG phone V40 ThinQ with rear camera three.

As you probably know, we have had many reports related to the phone LG V40 ThinQ in the past few weeks as we got a bunch of leaked images of this device, but there are still a lot of questions that need answers about LG phone V40 ThinQ.



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