LG Egypt learning about the partnership with the competitions exciting “geniuses”

In the framework of its efforts to highlight its commitment to education and innovation, launched LG Egypt LG directly new unique social responsibility, with the support of the programme of the competitions TV “geniuses”, where the company will winners the trip of a lifetime to South Korea to explore the possibilities of that country and look closely on the techniques of LG LG revolution.

The programme of the “geniuses” is one of the largest programmes of competitions in the Middle East, and in this education programme Education addresses the students of secondary schools and universities to win the title.

According to a press release, applies the new season of the program in coordination with the Ministry of education and technical education on Thursday 29 November on the channel “Cairo and people”, is expected to witness fierce competition between 32 schools in general, and especially of all the provinces, where converge the difference in the results.

In this regard, said Mr. don Koo, CEO of LG Egypt: “put LG consumer a top priority, so we have a full commitment to giving back to the community”. He added: “Egypt and many of the most promising young talent of the promising this is the cause of our partnership with the program “geniuses”. Aims the approach of LG’s new corporate social responsibility to promote education in Egypt and stimulate the young minds to participate in this competition and get the chance to provide support to their schools.”

Chose LG LG to support this program, not only because it encourages young people to read and learn a lot of different topics that enhance the ability of their practical and cultural rights, but also because it creates a mechanism to protect and students in the scientific, literary and various. In addition to the weekly prizes of the products, LG to watch my program.

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