LG G7 can get a LCD and not POLED

LG G7 the upcoming flagship of the Koreans. The device was secretly shown to the investors at MWC 2018, then, the Network appeared “live” photos smartphone. Device has received the cutout in the display, similar to that in iPhone X. However, not the fact that this may be the final one.

New information received from colleagues from the Korea Heraldsays that the device is likely to be equipped with LCD-display, not POLED, which was equipped with LG V30. This is done because of the attempts to reduce costs of production, as OLED displays 3 times more expensive than LCD panels.

In the case of G7 it would be not an ordinary LCD display. The device will get a panel of mlcd+ feature is improved brightness and contrast, as well as 35 percent less energy consumption compared to conventional LCD panels.

According to colleagues, shown at MWC prototype G7 was equipped with an OLED display and the cutout in the display was only an experiment of the company.

Of course, a year later Samsung will show a flexible smartphone, and from that moment begins a new stage in smartphonetoday, manufacturers begin to abandon the LCD displays. Currently, however, this is really a good chance to save money, and by using polarization it is possible to achieve a cut in the LCD display.

According to the materials of androidheadlines

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