LG G8 will get a function, which owners of other Android smartphones can only dream of

The company LG will present at MWC 2019 G8 ThinQ is a new flagship of the Koreans. Externally, the smartphone does not receive substantial changes, so to many it may seem boring, but it’s not. The G8 will appear in the analogue of the Face ID with the ToF camera, as well as a kind of revolutionary touchless gesture control, but it is not the only thing that will please the Korean giant.

G8 LG ThinQ will get a function of Crystal Sound OLED (CSO), is one of the first devices with this feature. What is this? Using the CSO, the company was able to turn the display of the G8 in the audio amplifier, whereby the loudspeaker has been placed under the display.

Earlier Mi MIX received piezodynamic, but the quality left much to be desired, in the case of G8, we are talking about a loud clean sound. It can be used not only as a spoken — it will complement the work of the main speaker on the bottom. Developers LG has managed to turn OLED display in the membrane vibrates and produces sound of high quality. Such a result, the company managed to achieve thanks to the cooperation with Meridian.


In addition to the CSO, the G8 will be equipped with DTS:X 3D Surround Sound that emulates a 7.1-channel audio, Hi-Fi and Quad DAC Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), which allows you to stream audio in high quality even with the limitation of mobile traffic. Also, the device please the owners of Boombox speaker with deep bass.

LG G8 will be presented at MWC 2019 24 February, but will he be able to surprise? Hard to say. The unit will cost $ 900, and it’s not so little. Consumers will probably choose the smartphones of competitors due to their greater popularity and better support. Though LG is trying to attract interesting features, but much more important is the reasonable price of $ 900 cannot be called such.

Of course, you may argue in Telegram-chat, but I’m afraid the sale of all I will say for us.


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