LG gives TV the customers, G7 ThinQ

Unfortunately, for anybody not a secret that LG phones are not sold as good as I would like company. Competitors bypassed this South Korean manufacturer, despite all the efforts by LG to promote their own products. In other markets, LG fared better, but the smartphone market is not their area of success. Perhaps it is for this reason that the company decided to give their customers generous offers.

We are telling you this in order to draw your attention to favorable action. Most of our readers will not be able to take advantage of the offer from LG, as it is designed for customers living in Canada. We just want you to understand the scale of despair, which is the mobile division of the company. LG is ready to give their customers smartphones, TV.

From 18 to 31 may all who place pre-orders for the smartphone LG ThinQ G7 in Canada, will receive a free 43 inch 4K TV from LG. Companies often make nice gifts to those customers who wish to obtain a product of the first pre-order. As a rule, these accessories for the product itself, the cost of which does not exceed 15 thousand rubles. In Russia, the price of a 43-inch LG TVs with 4K resolution starting from 27 000 rubles. It’s half the cost of flagship smartphone.

It is obvious that only one TV is LG will not be able to restore the reputation of the manufacturer of the popular and quality smartphones. LG G5 failed completely, and LG G6 and was not able to achieve success and to rectify the situation. LG G4 in the majority and is broken due to mass manufacturing defects. Is to help sales of the LG ThinQ G7 can only lavish gifts? Not going to think, but it is obvious that LG’s mobile division continues to exist at the expense of other areas of our business.

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