LG has developed chip artificial intelligence to make their products smarter

The company announced the LG South Korean on the developed chip artificial intelligence to make smart home products more intelligent, she said, the new chip include engines by neural LG Neural Engine that tries to mimic the way the human brain works, which makes it improves algorithms to deep learning is used in its smart home in the future, including robotic vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners.

The announcement comes at a time when mobile phone division – which had been strong in the past – to stand down, prompting South Korean police to focus more on emerging technology and initiatives, especially self-driving.

And LG over the past few years to promote the integration of the features of the artificial intelligence in all kinds of its products under its own brand, ThinQ, and the chip of the new work without an internet connection, thanks to the processor, including, as they used a security zone separate storage of personal data.

The company wrote in the announcement: a chip on the intelligent sight for the space and location of objects and users, and to distinguish them better, while the IQ sound accurately on the characteristics of sound and noise, while reinforcing the intelligence of the product capabilities of the device through the discovery of physical and chemical changes in the environment.

Creates the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning to stiff competition, since as the report published by the New York Times last year that there is – at least – 45 start-up company working on a chip that can run tasks such as dogs and cars self-driving, but this does not include many projects that are not well-known that government-funded Chinese.

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And is LG the only one that developed the chip artificial intelligence for use in its products for the smart home to become more intelligent, as it reported reports that there are a number of companies working on the development of the chip has artificial intelligence and automatic for specific purposes, such as Facebook, Amazon, and Apple TV.

Said LG in a statement: designed to chip our artificial intelligence in order to provide solutions to the artificial intelligence improved for our products in the future, this will lead to strengthening the three main pillars of the strategy of our artificial intelligence – development, communication, and openness – increasing customer experience optimized for a better life.

Recall that the unit of household appliances in the South Korean company continues recording its profits increased each quarter, despite the decline in the performance of the mobile phone unit, it has made LG an annual profit of $ 2.4 million last year, with outstanding results in the units of domestic appliances and Home Entertainment – two areas that are key areas of focus for artificial intelligence.

إل جي طورت رقاقة ذكاء اصطناعي لجعل منتجاتها أكثر ذكاءLG has developed chip artificial intelligence to make their products more intelligent

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