LG has patented a smartphone with 16 cameras! Is this possible?

Recently smartphones with three cameras were considered new to the market. However, even today not all flagships can meet three or even two cameras. To Google Pixel 3, for example, you set only one main module. Nokia plans to introduce a flagship model with 5 cameras. Until now, this result was most strange. Today we will show the LG patent, according to which the company may introduce in the near future, a device with 16 basic cameras.

The patent as follows:

You can see that each camera has a different angle. That is, the surface on which will be the camera will be of spherical shape. While it is not clear whether the shape is convex or concave, but the desire of the company is clear.

LG is planning to implement 3D-shooting mode. Due to the different angles of cameras, the smartphone will be able to combine frames into a 3D image.

This solution is logical and quite simple, the company can make this mode the main feature of the future flagship of LG ThinQ G8. The truth is, that’s not the result I would like to see in the smartphone with 16 cameras. To introduce such a number of cameras for 3D photography that users play for a week and in the future will forget questionable. Much more logical would be to use a camera to improve photo quality.

Although not rule out that 16 cameras will be used to improve ordinary photos.

You will also notice that the device has a mirror under the camera. Remember in the 2000’s years, when this feature was popular. The last image shows that the toy, taken by 16 cameras, you can change the position of the head. That’s interesting, but how well will work this feature, given the absence of a full stack of cameras around the perimeter to capture all angles. Most likely, a smart algorithm is any way to interpolate and arrive at the image, which can lead to artifacts.

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