LG hotel filed a lawsuit against TCL in Germany for patent

Face LG charges for TCL to encroach on the innocence of the invention of LG’s LTE technology, and LG has established lawsuits against LTE in Germany.

Include lawsuits, three of which were held by LG against TCL three techniques in LTE networks, and LG has confirmed that the decision on the company’s current lawsuit, came after the failure of the company LG in access to settlement outside the courts.

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Confirmed LG to they managed during the past years the protection of the patents of the company and their own mining companies or a violation of property rights, as confirmed by a legal challenge when a violation of a technical company without a permit.

On the other hand, paid legal lawsuits that have been brought against TCL and some other companies to take swift action to license the technology used, including comes company BLU, which recently agreed to a contract agreement with LG for the licensing of the technique used, while the legal claims made against the Wiko in Germany to the end of it recently in favor of the company LG.


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