LG interested to know how is the feeling of users about the screens provided by

LG V30s

Do you love or hate the screens of smartphones to the extent in the middle part of the upper which began more smartphone manufacturers adopt it? Well, it seems that this type of display is the trend currently, and even that the CEO of OnePlus, tell the teacher that he must ” learn to love apartments “. Now, it seems that LG may be considering the use of this new type of screen in the phone its next flagship.

In a publication on the social network Reddit, it seems that LG has continued with the community to ask them about how they feel about the apartments. And so came the publication is as follows : ” We have seen a lot of comments about the apartments over the last few weeks, from people who like quick access to list down to people who hate the screen space lost. We would love to collect more observations to share with the research and development team we have, this is the place where you can let us know. So…what do you think? Do you like apartments? Or you don’t care?

The interesting thing step is that the message has been deleted and the account after that. And yet, we’re not sure of the reason, perhaps it wasn’t feedback as good as she was hoping LG company, or maybe don’t want LG to communicate with the community in a public forum like this. However, in the last month, a video has been leaked it is reported that the phone LG G7 knows not the latter with the screen with a cut in the middle part of the upper.

We’re not sure if this is the official design of the phone next flagship of LG, but it seems that LG is interested in at least knowing what the users say about it.



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