LG is planning to announce my phone G8 وV50 ThinQ in the conference the MWC 2019

Many companies began manufacturer of the phone in the prepping of the Barcelona conference next month in February, the company LG is one of the companies that use to detect two versions of smart phones are the G8 and telephone V50 ThinQ that supports the fifth-generation networks.

LG G8 CAD-based renders

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Unlike some companies that are preparing to launch a new product line of smart phones support networks of the fifth generation, offer LG need phones 5G series phones V during the phone conference the next World.

I came to new leaks via ET News in Korea, which reviewed the plans of LG’s strategy in the release versions this year of smart phones, where to apply all of my phone LG V50 ThinQ, and LG G8 in the MWC conference, to be called V50 communication networks of the fifth generation.

Also scheduled to stop by LG and Samsung with the launch of the fifth-generation phones to the market in the month of March, where the Samsung Galaxy S10 X that supports the 5G technology also applies to LG V50 ThinQ also to the markets in the month of March, as the release of the LG with a screen size of 6 inches.

Features Phone LG V50 ThinQ according to the latest leaks interface supports waving to the right or left or up and down to implement applications and control, or media playback, also supports this version of the chip Snapdragon processor 855, with cooling technology advanced, the capacity of the battery 4000 mAh.

Recall that Sprint was held recently partnered with LG to launch phones support networks of the fifth generation in Europe and Korea, that these handsets come in the level of pricing between 1160 to 1340$.

Also supports phone LG G8 ThinQ connected to the 4G, except that one of the possible versions of that applies this year, where for the first time reveals the LG phone from the G series and the issuance of the series V at the same time.


I know of

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