LG is preparing to announce the phone 5G in MWC 2019

Company LG during next month to reveal a new version of smart phone possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation, which houses the processor chip Snapdragon 855 with the cooling technology of the phone.LG-5G-phone

Announced the company LG has officially announced its plans to reveal the idea possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation during the MWC in Barcelona next month, where the handset comprises a chip Snapdragon processor 855.

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Also expected to support chip Snapdragon processor 855 of possible performance more speed in the phone perform better by 45% compared with Snapdragon 845, also this release supports battery capacity of 4000 mAh to perform better with the increase of the energy consumption in 5G technology.

As pointed out LG in her remarks on the phone to the cooling technology that includes steam room, custom come in a bigger size 2.7 times for the cooling pipe that comes out LG phone V40 ThinQ, it is possible to ensure the cooling of the phone efficiently with a larger effort to assess the 5G.

Definitely LG did not provide all the details about the next issue of the phones and 5G, where still the design specifications of the phone are not clear until now, however, LG has focused particularly in her remarks on the comparison of the next version phone current LG V40 ThinQ, so suggest some expectation that the LG will be a modified model of the phone supports networks of the fifth generation.


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