LG is preparing to hold its next conference on 26 June to unveil the LG W10

Applied on the 26th of June, the company LG to announce its first release of the plan of production the new LG W10, that the conference will be held in India.

It was the site of Amazon had published some ads headline on the production line of LG’s new smartphone LG W, as the monitoring of the first release of this series LG W10 in the site lists Android Enterprise ready for the official announcement about the phone.

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And I’ve already posted a formal invitation for the conference of the LG W10 to be held in India on the 26th of June, with the opening of the Shanghai World phone.

It is scheduled to come phone LG W10 in the category of low-cost handsets this year, LG is offering this version of some of the specifications, including the settings of the three cable car background comes from sensor, wide viewing angles, as the phone comprises a battery characteristic capacity of 4000 mAh.

Also supports LG this version Android 9 Pie phone also comes to the design of the extrusion top customizable in the screen, with a forecast that includes the phone’s processor chip Helio P60 from MediaTek, or chip Snapdragon 439 with random memory 3 GB RAM storage capacity of 32 GB, it also comes screen phone LG W10 size of 6.2 inches, the phone features a sensor imprint in the background.


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