LG is seeking to issue phone full screen

LG تسعى لإصدار هاتف بشاشة كاملة

It seems that Samsung is not the only company that is now looking to keep abreast of current developments and then make a smart phone full-screen, where detected, the patented, may be indicative of measurement LG the same idea, which ensure the containment of the phone then on any edges or cracks.

LG phone

Of course, the idea of version phone full-screen, which seemed successful recently, capturing the mentality of the Samsung creative now, pushed up to the anticipation of the issuance of the electronic device to talk, it is no longer the exclusive technology giant alone South Korean yet, as highlighted several reports, the presence of intent to buy Korea again, is LG, to emulate that idea as soon as possible.

Comes evidence that the most recent allegations, via patented in the country of origin, South Korea, including carrying more than one’s perception of the phone to talk with full screen, where it was noted that LG is working on the design of the two different sides, one for edges curved, the other straight ahead, is the simulator clear of Samsung’s?

Mysterious release date

In the time you have to observe a number of differences expected between the phone LG phone Samsung perspective, it seems in the end that concept will be one, both of oval shape, with a single camera or two, next to the sensors are known, which is exposed near the warts and the surrounding environment, which either be in the middle or in the upper-left corner or right corner of the front panel.

All this of course in addition to the advantage of full screen, which has long caught the attention of users lately, what seemed obvious with the release of the phones successful enjoy the same possibility as before, such as phone Mi Mix 3 belonging to the Shawnee and Find X Bob, on the first phone in the world that believe in the same property, which is Vivo Nex, issued by the company, Vivo the Chinese .

But what about date of release? This seems mysterious until now, both for a Samsung phone or even phone LG, especially with the amendment to The appeared patents for electronic attract attention, before he surprised her disappearance overnight, like they didn’t show up from the foundation!

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