LG is thinking of launching a phone with a 16 rear camera !

Record-breaking number of cameras behind the phones twice through 2018, with the advent of the Huawei P20 Pro then with Galaxy A9, which protects the camera quad, in the shadow of rumors of the arrival of the Nokia 9 with 5 cameras background, it seems that LG is also planning to kidnap the title.

Imagine a patented Registered office the United States Patent and trademark the name to J. a few days before the phone possesses a 16 rear camera in the arrangement of a 4×4 grid.

It is said that the user will enable him to choose the group of cameras that will capture images, as well as to combine several parts of the each camera is different in still image or live.

And most exciting, is that the patent says it will use all the rear cameras to capture selfies, thanks to the “mirror”loud and behind the phone or the screen of the secondary; although the phone will get front camera for video calls and photos selfie regular.

As mentioned the patent extends beyond the phone with the trackpad (like that found in laptops to move the mouse pointer), which incidentally is a feature provided by the company Doogee in one of its phones. Finally, he adds that the cameras can be used in the foldable phone.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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