LG is working on the phone carries a 16 rear camera

At first it was phones and even cameras, and then companies began to add camera two, three and four down to 5 and 6 cameras that will be heavily next year as it is a product.

Back to the title of the news, the company LG has decided to bypass all this and start to work on the phone carries a 16 rear camera is where the record company has actually patented these cameras that will appear in an amateur in the future.

According to the patent registered will 16 lens to take pictures with at the same time but various benefits such as in one of the photos will appear of the picture wide-angle image to another by isolating the background and the image of another be the depth of the image longer and image again will allow you to change the focus in short, each lens will be different image from the other to determine you in the end the picture that you want.

The idea seems strange and exciting at the same time so we have to wait how will LG end up with the assertion that some patents may be recorded but remain locked admin out in the end.


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