LG is working to reduce the releases and change its strategy in the smartphone industry

Uncover the jo seong-Jin, CEO of LG Electronics for some interesting information when I spoke to one of the Korean media within the activities of the CES the year 2018, after being asked about the Launch Date of the phone company’s next flagship LG G7, the CEO said that LG will reveal its smart phones in the future “when needed “and will not necessarily announce the new phones at specific times for the purpose of suitable the rest of the smartphone manufacturers. Besides reducing their versions of phones, added Jane, that there are plans to keep the high-end smartphone top phones of the company in the market for a longer time using various methods such as the detection of other versions of the same models listed. He did not mention the Executive Director of any details about the financial difficulties faced by the Department of mobile phones for LG as a reason to change strategy, and instead indicated that it was important for the company to issue devices try to perform well for a long time, in reference for iPhone and the problem of performance with lithium batteries. It should be noted that it is expected to announce LG about the financial loss for the fourth quarter of 2017, and if that happens, this means that the mobile division in the company will losses for the quarter of XI, respectively, it will be interesting to see whether these changes will be reflected on the sales of phones of the company and thus achieve the revenue and profits of the quarterly best.

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