LG launches the newest lineup of TVs Nano Cell OLED and LG SIGNATURE OLED

This theme LG launches the newest lineup of TVs Nano Cell OLED and LG SIGNATURE OLED appeared on Engadget.

Announced the company LG Electronics announced the launch of a new lineup of TVs ultra high definition in the Saudi market. In addition to its focus on the continued growth of the TVs OLED in 2017, worked with LG to develop higher standards in the sector of high-definition television, and expand the size of their sales by more than 70 %. To achieve this, LG made the investments to develop technologies LCD new screen Nano Cell™ developed that provide the most realistic sound and viewing experience amazing.

Mr. Eddie Jun

As explained by General Manager of LG ” Eddie John” the importance of this new technology saying: ” the technique of cell and nanoparticles are suitable for big TV HD, and that’s why devices appear Super UHD our consistent colors with wide viewing don’t look like their colors are different between the viewers who are sitting directly in front of the screen, and those who look at the screen from an angle 60 degrees”.

Belal Al-Shanqiti

For its part, explained by Mr. Bilal-shinqiti, Director of Marketing at LG Saudi Arabia said: “the screen of the cell, the nanoparticles provide advantages technique using uniform particles presented diameter is one nanometer approximately one to appear more color on the extent and accuracy so as to enable the viewer to see through the corners of the widest compared with other techniques used in normal organs, even those that rely on screen technology Quantum dot which contains 10 to 50 atoms in diameter”.

In the framework of home entertainment, has been testing OLED TV the flagship of the LG by the experts of the show as “the best TV” among all the TVs available in the market, which includes Studio lighting / home theater, performance bright room tools Live streaming (e.g. Netflix). Has Pay TV, LG OLED by consumer reports the known world, and select it as the best TV to assess its image quality is unparalleled Sonic performance is excellent, and thus was chosen as “the best TV you can buy”.


Are available on all TVs OLED وSUPER UHD from LG with Active HDR, which provides quality of exchange among the most visible colors in the contents of the HDR. Allows Active HDR TVs LG processing images of a scene with, what allows the generation of Dynamic Data on each scene of the video scenes used later to improve the display of the image on this basis. Moreover, supports OLED TVs وSUPER UHD from LG many formats of HDR, including Dolby vision ™ compatible and HDR10 and broadcast technologies (Hybrid Log Gamma). Also that LG is planning to support any HDR developed from Technicolor, and supporting data.

As to TV LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W – fits the quality of the image in the screen of the BlackBerry flagship of LG TVs OLED color gamut extended with the technique of unique Picture-On – Glass design, slim and stunning, measuring unprecedented by 2.57 meters thin.

New standard LED TV with Nano Cell™ cutting-edge colors rich and accurate with the angle of the impact of colors through the technique of billion rich colors Excellent color accuracy thanks to the nano-particles that show colours compelling is the closest to reality by million color goes, to get an optimal viewing experience from any angle. Technology Nano Cell™ to enhance the consistency of the color off-axis and anxiety on the deformation color due to the viewing angle.

And technology Nano-Nano Cellالجديدة very impressive results through the absorption of light waves of excess, enhance the color purity displayed on the screen. This capacity accommodate light and allow the LCD screens to the new LG design and colors in a distinctive way while providing much greater accuracy, which makes every color appears in the form intended by the company producing the content.Thus reduce the technical back of the nanoparticles greatly from the phenomenon of color fading and image stabilization and other problems of the deterioration of the level of colors. And the technical back of the nanoparticles also from the glow of light on the screen to continue to show the picture with high quality even when transmitting to the network a high illumination intensity.

It should be noted that many of the TV companies have faced issues of “color gamut”, among other things. As to the heat deformation layer point, because of the level of initial brightness ranging from 1500 – 2000 intention, which will inevitably generate a lot of heat from the back. So it has been added on to compensate for weakness in the TV and to protect it from the heat and humidity. However it was difficult to ascertain if it will improve the color. The nanotechnology New of LG to absorb excess light wave, improve the color gamut. As I’m in cell Nano-learn directly in the language, which reduces reflections of the ambient light structure and allows the company to appear darker when needed.

This theme LG launches the newest lineup of TVs Nano Cell OLED and LG SIGNATURE OLED appeared on Engadget.

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