LG may know a new version of the phone LG V30 within the MWC

LG is planning to launch a new version of its phone flagship LG V30 to compensate the losses of the Department of portable devices, which amounted to about 219 million dollars.

In the wake of reports that LG has halted all operations, the current development of a successor phone to its flagship LG G6, tentatively called the LG G7, they are now re-examining the project from a to Z and start to work on the machine from scratch, it became clear that this phone will appear in Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 to be held in the month of February, and it should be on LG think of an alternative.

It seems to have found a solution, which refers to a new report from South Korea indicates that LG is planning to showcase a new model of its smartphone flagship LG V30, so that it calls this new version the name of the LG V30+ α or LG V30+ Alpha, which includes the features of the artificial intelligence improved and new technologies designed to take advantage of a Google, as do the makers of other smartphones such as Huawei.

It is yet unclear whether the improvements in artificial intelligence will reach the current version of the phone (V30, V30+), but the report shows that the step of introducing a new version of the phone V30 considered part of the new trend which will be followed by LG to extend the life of its phones leading instead of introducing new phones, which I spoke of Jo, Seng-jin, CEO of the company during the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018.


Source: LG might know a new version of the phone LG V30 within the MWC

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