LG occur on October 4 to reveal the LG V40 ThinQ with a hint of on camera three!

It seems that the month of October next will be many of the releases are important, where they confirmed that both Huawei and Google launch its phones the leading in the varying dates of October Next, and now I know LG about the advent of its new phone LG V40 ThinQ in October, too.

As we all know select the Google on October 9 to detect the new generation of phones pixel camera, while the Huawei on October 16 to reveal the phones Mate 20 leading, now select the LG days by both Google and Huawei to detect the LG V40 ThinQ on October 4 at a huge event in the city of Seoul in South Korea.

Has been sent to LG already invited to the media issued a video duration of 10 seconds to review the capabilities of the camera in the V40 ThinQ :

This video includes indirectly to the authenticity of the previous rumors about the coming V40 ThinQ three cameras background, we can see the subject is photographed in three viewing angles are different, suggesting that the phone will contain all of the cameras wide-angle cameras telephoto in addition to the main camera regular.

I didn’t reveal the LG just about anything else linked to the detection rule for a device V40 ThinQ, but rumors suggest that the smartphone will be equipped with a processor Snapdragon 845, and the random 6 Gb, the battery firmly 3300 mAh.

It is expected to be shipped LG V40 ThinQ with the Android operating system 9.0 Pie of the Fund, there was no information yet about price or date of availability of the phone in the markets.

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