LG officially announced the speakers new compatible with the Google Assistant prior to CES 2019


During each year in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES, there are some products that we used to see her in this annual event, and among these we find televisions and amplifiers. And for those who are looking to get speakers, a new sound, has revealed the company LG has just unveiled a collection of the misadventures of the new audio prior to CES 2019 with the knowledge that these symptoms the new audio does not support Dolby Atmos only, but are compatible with the digital assistant Google Assistant as well.

Due to it is becoming common to see the speakers are compatible with digital assistants such as the Alexa and Google Assistant, it is not surprising to see LG doing the same thing. For amplifiers new announced by LG today, they carry names LG SL10YG and LG SL9YG and LG SL8YG. Unfortunately, I didn’t talk LG company in detail about these subwoofers, so it’s supposed to be the major difference between them in size.

According to the company LG, has made it clear that the new speakers this will support the new Dolby Atmos and DTS:X that will help make the sound seem more realistic. And Google Support Assistant also to the new amplifier that will be able to control smart home devices and do everything you can do Google Assistant on devices such as a Google Home.

There will also be a gyroscope built which determines the direction of the speaker so that he can adjust his voice accordingly. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about price or availability, but we expect that reveal to us LG for more details on CES CES 2019 to be held in Las Vegas, USA two weeks from now.


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