LG officially revealed that the LG phone V40 ThinQ to come up with 5 cameras

Waiting for the month of October next to be full of ads for a number of smartphones from the company famous, such as phones Pixel 3 from Google, and phones Mate 20 from Huawei, and a phone for OnePlus 6T from OnePlus. Now confirmed the LG it intends to announce its phone related LG V40 ThinQ beginning of the month.

In a publication on her blog Korean, said LG’s plans to announce a LG phone V40 ThinQ, which comes as the successor for LG V30 ThinQ, on 3 October 2018. But the beauty of that publication revealed about the phone officially.

They published a Korean company photo and video reveals the most important advantages of the phone, including 5 cameras, 3 cameras wallpaper full two set. In the video, the duration of no more than 30 seconds, the company focused on number five, and showed the back of the phone.

And the video confirmed that the phone will come with a delicate imprint of the bottom of the rear cameras of the three, that is, it will not be under the screen, also focused LG on its softness and touch, and the phone in red and black.

Otherwise, didn’t reveal the LG from any of the specifications of the phone LG V40 ThinQ other, especially the processor and Ram “Ram” battery, but mentioned that the screen is coming with the edges of the narrower and measure 6.4 inches. So I stayed to wait for the event LG due next Wednesday.

What do you think is cameras phone LG V40 ThinQ five? Let me know in the comments.

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