LG patent for the distinctive design of screen hole

Registered company LG has recently patented new mobile phone special design hole screen for the front car, where the phone appears in the files of the patent with a hole in the left side of the screen.

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Used LG company to develop its first release of smart phones possible the design of hole screen, where monitoring of the patent of the company were recorded in one of the Specialized Agencies recent.

And scheme of the patent for the design tries to phone LG V40 ThinQ in the background, where the handset comprises a sensor fingerprint to the bottom of the Settings Camera background possible design of the landscape, so will not offer LG technology sensor footprint in this version when moving to the implementation phase.

Recall that the scheme of the patent does not confirm to the plans of LG to launch this design in versions of the company during the coming period, so we expect the publication of more details about this version if your health this.


I know of

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