LG patented transparent smartphone. Try to understand why

LG is one of the leading display manufacturers in the world, and it would be strange if the South Korean company has experimented in this niche, creating the device, from TVs to smartphones, with the most unusual approaches to how to look and how to use them screen. Judging by recent patents, LG is not just going to recreate in reality a smartphone with a transparent display like Tony stark from kynoselen Marvel, but also to improve it by making the screen bend.

The company recently experimented with this decision and considered it, at least remotely viable, as evidenced by the fact that in the end, she has applied for a patent describing such a device. It is not surprising that the documentation attached to the application, which was finally approved by the Office of patents and trademark United States on Tuesday, rather vague and does not affect the actual materials that could be used to create such futuristic devices, although in previous studies, LG in this direction indicated that the creation of a transparent flexible display uses OLED panels.

One unique detail mentioned in the documentation is the ability of a screen to become opaque for a few seconds, equally fast to return to full transparency or go to secondary status when the display is only half transparent. But even cooler is the fact that the smartphone will be able to determine the readability of information on the screen and adjust the degree of its transparency so that the user does not have any discomfort. LG claims that the information on this device is equally well displayed both the front and rear, and the sensor will work with both sides.

Its form-factor device from LG resembles a tablet, well, or the recent folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, which did not seem that LG, according to recent rumors, is going to release in the second half of this year. I want to remind you that the company spent the year 2018, insisting that he is not going to enter the market of foldable smartphones, as this technology is still too early, and now LG evidently thought better or just have invented something innovative and promising in their walls.

Generally, the transparent display technology is not new, as even the LG already showed us a few TVs with a transparent screen at various exhibitions, and they looked not as prototypes, but as a really working device. And foldable displays the South Korean company has also demonstrated. As stated by LG, this year it will launch a foldable OLED-TV. Yes, you can actually go to the store and buy it yourself, however, cost it is likely to be more than a new car. By the way, compatriot LG, Samsung, too, they say, saw the installation in its recent flagship Galaxy S10 transparent displays, but by the end of last year refused the idea.

A few words also want to say about the feasibility of this technology as a transparent screen. It seems that to use this in real life will be extremely uncomfortable. Even if the smartphone will learn how to make the screen opaque when it’s needed, anyway, I can’t imagine a scenario in which could use its transparent state. The last few years, mobile device manufacturers are developing the display market, trying to introduce all sorts of innovations and improving the quality of the picture, bringing it closer to what able to see a healthy human eye. But should the screen become transparent, as the picture quality is affected so that seems like it was all this technological progress over the last few years.

The shop-Windows screens are definitely the future, as advertisers around the world will be “flushing” for this technology

And Yes, we should also remember that the Achilles heel of all modern mobile devices are batteries that in terms of technology over many years, not moved forward one iota. In order for the device lived any long time, the battery should be large and take up most of the inside filling. If you make a transparent display, where to put a big battery?

Televisions, storefronts, Windows, etc. – all this is understandable, but what do you think, is there a future transparent smartphone?

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