LG phone Q6 starts getting Android version oreo

Unexpectedly, it began LG to bring Android version oreo 8.0 to her smart phone LG Q6 of the middle class, which was unveiled mid-last year.

According to reports coming from South Korea, users of LG phones Q6 reported their smart phones to update the antenna brings the Android system oreo 8.0, a move not expected from the Korean company for a phone the average put up about a year ago.

Bring new update to all the advantages of Android version Arroyo 8.0, including the development of the performance of the external speakers and add new options to the camera.

In August 2017 has revealed the South Korean company of LG phone Q6 with the specifications of this medium, supported with a processor Snapdragon 435 and the memory of the arrival of the random capacity of 3 GB and it works directly by Android nogi 7.1.1, and did not believe that the company may determine to copy the latest especially they are always late bringing new updates and even the identity of its leading smart.

At the moment the new update is available in South Korea only but it’s supposed to reach more markets during the next few weeks or months. Anyway, if you own a LG phone Q6 I advise you checking your phone settings and make sure access updates manually.

Did you use the days one of the phones LG smartphone? We participated in the comments your experience with the speed of arrival of the updates.


The LG phone Q6 starts getting Android version oreo was first deployed in the are.

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