LG plans to unveil her smart phone rollaway beginning of next year

When you talk about the flip phones, the first thing we’ll do is phone from Samsung – which may come as the Galaxy X or Galaxy F – but in contrast, there are other companies that have plans for this type of smart phones most notably LG and Huawei Share and Lenovo.

While Huawei those planning to launch smartphones folding during the second half of 2019 it is expected to be the two Koreas Samsung and LG are the first to put smart phones of this type during months 6 first of next year.

According to tweets posted by the account of leaks Evan Blass on Twitter, We’ll see the first smartphone foldable by LG during the CES 2019 to be held in Las Vegas on 8 January 2019.

Although we don’t have even the moment any information about the design of the hardware of the phone is supposed it will be available only in limited quantities only.

Expected to know Samsung for its version of the phone rollaway next month that you make available in the markets during the second quarter of next year, which means that LG will face fierce competition due to the launch of the two phones.

According to reports earlier, the Samsung Galaxy X – or whatever his name is – will be available to users at a price approaching $ 2000 dollars, which means that LG had put her phone at a price close to this amount.

What are your expectations of the phone rollaway for? And will become a measure of flagship smartphones over the next few years? We shared your perspective in the comments.

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