LG provided her phone ing 7 ThinkPad with the best screen

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Revealed company LG about the most important specifications of the smartphone high level I think LG G7, which includes a full-screen view to accurately kyo HD+ “3120×1440 pixels”, and the 6.1-inch, which is able to show the content Brightness up to 1000 lumens, what makes the screen brighter, more energetic between the screens of smart mobile phones that are currently available.

Depends the phone ji 7 Theo you technique the display screen by the superior “Super Brent DisplayPort”, allowing ease of use and viewing in bright sunlight with its energy consumption by lower up to 30 percent compared with the screen of the previous model I.

Show the color tones on the new phone rich and natural, even in the case of bright lighting, because the screen of the phone LG 7 Thea you can enjoy as a covering space color full of DCI-P3, and this adjust itself automatically to six settings for the color: automatic energy-saving, cinema, sports and games and report.

Analyzes the automatic mode for the device screen content and identifies automatically if it is what is known as a video or photo or game or web site, and adjusts the color to suit the content giving the user the best viewing experience at the lowest possible amount of electrical energy.

I didn’t write LG that it provided for expert users who are looking for further improvement in this device interface settings the camera lets the user adjust the colors using the scroll wheel.
Increased LG in the new model also of the space that they occupy screen making the ratio of the area of the screen to the body of the phone is better than the previous model G-6, It offers the previous generation of a series of phones LG of LG easy to use Super one-handed, thanks to the surface of the glass. tempered curved is very convenient.

The LG has introduced a full screen slideshow for sellers 18:9 for the first time last year and then the advantages in the new model 7 Thema you to become the screen thinner by as much as 19.5:9, adds to to the bottom frame for the new model top-notch by almost 50 percent compared with the LG phone I.

The design of the screen bean vision with the frame the thinnest immersive viewing experience, while the Display Screen the second the new developments of hernia extra space at the top of the device shows notifications without having to occupy that part of the main screen, and deactivate the second screen of the new to the user on the appearance of the more traditional, and can be set to display different colors to give the user an absolutely unique experience.

LG provided her phone ing 7 ThinkPad with the best screen

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