LG reveal the sensor in charge of gestures and non-touch in phone LG G8 ThinQ

LG V40 ThinQ

As all of you probably know, it is estimated that LG slide curtain officially about the phone its new flagship LG G8 ThinQ at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in Barcelona, Spain next week. As always, I have decided to LG once again the thrill of slowly for her phone flagship killer. In recent days, according to the company LG to phone LG G8 ThinQ will come with the screen also works like a microscope for sound, and now it seems that the South Korean company decided to confirm to us that the phone LG G8 ThinQ will support gestures and non-touch.

The company LG had earlier indicated that the phone LG G8 ThinQ will gestures that will not require the user to touch the screen of the phone, and now the company has to disclose more details about the sensor, which will help to do so. This sensor is a sensor Time Of Flight was developed by the division of LG Innotek in the company LG.

Does this work the sensors send infrared light towards the element. Will then be led by how long it takes for that light to return after reflection to be then use that data to calculate the depth. The use of this sensor in the past for things like facial recognition and augmented reality, but it seems that LG decided to use this sensor for gestures.


According to the company LG, it means that users will be able to interact with their devices using their face or their hands. It would also be useful when wearing gloves and need to interact with your device. At the moment, we don’t know what kind of gestures and non-touch will be supported, but should we get all of the details in the exhibition MWC 2019.

Look like feature interesting as we have stated in the past, it’s a feature we’ve seen before. We have seen some companies in the past launch features where users can pass their fingers over the screen to interact with it without touching it. However, we expect to be technology LG is much better than those old technologies, but we still have to wait a few days before we issue the final provisions.

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