LG reveals the official prices for some models of TVs LG OLED TV 2019


The company LG at CES CES 2019, which was held early January in Las Vegas, USA to disclose the new lineup of OLED TVs, and now decided the South Korean company to finally reveal to us about the prices of these TVs. LG innovate in the manufacture of OLED TVs possible it is obvious that the price tag will be accordingly. Because the new collection adheres to this strategy, you can expect exorbitant prices for these TVs.

Will LG launch TV LG OLED TV C9 2019 and LG OLED TV E9 2019 in the next month. As for the first, it will sizes, 65-inch and 55-inch note that the size of the first would be 3499$ while would be the size of the second 2499$. It will also launch the LG OLED TV E9 2019 sizes, 65-inch and 55-inch note that the size of the latter will be the 3299$. It should be noted that it will also launch the LG OLED TV C9 2019 another size is 77 inches, but it will be 6999$, but it should be noted that the Model 77-inch Samsung OLED TV C9 2019 andmodels the 55-inch LG OLED TV E9 2019 won’t arrive until next May.

Will the LG company also launched a new model of TV LG Wallpaper TV. This new model will be available in sizes of 65-inch and 75-inch when it is displayed for sale in the month of June next. These TVs are new you’ll get new features to test our company LG CES CES 2019 earlier this year. Support protocol AirPlay 2 among these new features that you will get the newest TVs from LG.

While this is a TVS is strong, however, what requires to most people is the TV removable wrap LG OLED SIGNATURE Rollable which was introduced by LG at CES 2019. The company said it would ship this TV in the coming months but unfortunately, she didn’t reveal to us yet about the price and the launch of this TV.


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