LG SmartThinQ promotes intelligent household appliances

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Requires the advancement of the financial burden on the family in the United Arab Emirates work both parents outside the home, according to World Bank statistics, the proportion of the participation of women in employment to about 41 percent in 2017 between the families that live in the United Arab Emirates, namely that greater numbers of women join the workforce in the country compared to the past two years, and struggle to accomplish tasks of their level, their jobs and family life, and this includes the their much of the household chores, which continues to make life tough for women in the UAE and around the world.

But the world in which today’s fast-growing ways of communication between the limbs, women need to clever solutions and innovative and intuitive and comfortable to help them to manage time more efficiently and reduce set up their household chores.

And company LG seat of sport in achieving that, thanks to the application of its SmartThinQ App and its collection of networked devices which include refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and cooking appliances, to be able to women around the world breaking the shackles of household chores and enjoy more leisure time.

Conducted by researchers from the University of Sharjah and the University of Hofstra in the United States a study published their results in the year 2016 to identify factors that impede or facilitate women’s entry into the field of work, and they found that, although the steps of the rapid development towards the creation of a work environment more efficient and the balance of women in the United Arab Emirates, there remain barriers of social, cultural arrangement of marriage, children and patriarchal attitudes that impede women’s progress, and still seen a lot of housework as a task of women exclusively, and women continue to be restricted to domestic duties.

Work LG to reduce the severity of this daily struggle of women through innovation for its smart and eco-friendly, time-saving, which all work with the application of LG’s SmartThinQ App, drawing on the advantages that the app has women the freedom to accomplish the work of the day countless via mobile app smart, simple, and with minimal effort, the use of more become home appliances smarter and remember the habits of use and data that enable them to anticipate your needs better, you forgot to put the wash the children in the washing machine? No problem the day after, the washing machine LG Twin tattoos remind you of that when the material through the application of SmartThinQ App connected wherever you are.

Said Mr. Yong-Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics: “we wanted to develop a SmartThinQ to become more than just a system for connected devices, thus we have to elevate the Internet of things to a new level not only makes our devices not only smart, but also adaptable to the requirements of our clients and the use of daily also, what relieves that pressure small that make people spend their smart devices, and we succeeded in the end of access to the application SmartThinQ intuitive and easy to use, which makes everyone’s life a lot easier”.

And because we are aware that all the apps and connected devices won’t be progressing at a pace one, we set off in the development of the SmartThinQ of the futuristic look by making it a framework for the development of open, this means that your smart devices from LG will be able to work with the techniques and devices developed for years to come, and this region also use Command Centers smart relating to your established a unified network.

The use of in the center of the driving device to Amazon echo with Alexa such as, you can ask Alexa to Via voice commands, to prepare for you a list of groceries for your LG escape, or run you Washing Machine LG Twin tattoos.

Thanks to the wide range of LG devices smart connected to WiFi networks which overlap the application SmartThinQ became the work of the organization a lot lighter on the fabric, that is one of the innovative modalities that seek to LG to make the lives of women around the world easier what gives them greater freedom to enjoy life to the limit.

LG SmartThinQ promotes intelligent household appliances

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