LG stopped the car “a leading smartphone of the New Year,”

هاتف V30 LG

هاتف V30 LG

Announced that the Korean company LG to stop its policy followed the launch of a leading smartphone a new every year as do the rest of the competition, it will be “a new phone when needed.”

This change has become necessary as a result of large financial losses suffered by the company due to the development of the leading smartphones do not achieve large sales often cause financial losses to the company.

Said Cho Sung-jin, vice chairman of the Board of Directors expressly states that LG will launch a smartphone just because their competitors are doing it, it will launch new phones when the need arises.

This statement was made in response to a question the press not at the CES electronics release date new flagship phone G7, LG is planning to currently prolong the life span of the phones previously available through the launch of the modified versions of them instead of launching new phones.

And me LG and specifically the smart phone sector of the financial losses since the 11 quarter continued almost three years.

Interesting that the regular phones achieved the company’s greater net returns from the smart phone sector has led to reduce the losses to $ 650 million.


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