LG Support TV, smart ThinQ assistant Google Voice

شركة LG تُدَعْم تلفازها الذكي ThinQ بمساعد قوقل الصوتي

Technical development swept across the Board in the present day, and are no longer manufacturers of electrical appliances out product a form of traditional machine, it has increased competition among them to add technologies to that with a smart TV and what it contains of great features.

In this regard, the supplied LG TVs of a series of ThinQ, with the assistant of Google Voice in many countries, has provided LG services voice assistant last Friday in each of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, she will continue to support her screens in all of Korea, Spain and France in addition to Germany before the end of the year.

The company has launched TVs ThinQ smart supported operating system webOS, in the United States supported by plugin Google fully, and then provided him with support orders assistant Amazon audio Alexa after a period of release.

The system of artificial intelligence soaring with ThinQ from LG, some of the custom commands, for example you can make an order for a smart look for the musical tracks of the film you are watching, with the addition of voice assistant strength and support Alex to focus, it becomes a challenge in the annexes to the smart home just as controlled by the remote control smart Google home but across the screen, giving voice command through the microphone available in the console to the TV.

And LG to provide the services of Alex on the organs in both Canada and Australia, like the United States, but did not specify a certain time to implement it.

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