LG the registration of new business relationships, and may be for smart phones, folding

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A direction that will be prominent in the smartphone market over the next year is to use the screen folding the smart phones. Has confirmed a group of companies, including Motorola and Huawei and Samsung are already working on the development of its smart phones collapsible.

LG is the latest company to consider the interests of these companies. A few days ago, company introduced LG’s request to the Office of intellectual property in the European Union, known for short in the name of EUIPO to get three different brands, and here it comes with all of the Flex and Foldi and Duplex. In request to obtain these brands, the company explained that they want to release these names on the products source in Section 9, a section which includes many products including smart phones.

We don’t know whether LG will use these names or not because the company was not obliged to use these names in their products. The company LG has used already the name ” LG G Flex ” in the past with its smart phones with the curve, which was fairly flexible. If you want to re-launch this name on the foldable phone, you’ll have to re-register the brand, and that’s really what the company has done now. Therefore, it can be ” Flex ” is the name which is to be used by the company. Of course, this is interesting because rumors hinted further that the company Samsung intends to launch the name Galaxy Flex on her smart phone rollaway.

What is the first the company will market a product with a folding screen for? Perhaps more importantly, how much will this smart phone? Will smart phones folding States price of smart phones to new levels?



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