LG unveils computers LG Gram New prior to CES 2019


If you are in the market for laptop computers buy laptop computer New, You may be interested to know that I have a LG two of computers new mobile in 2019. In fact, he revealed South Korean company recently announced the laptops a completely new, which is part of a series of the laptops LG Gram prior to CES CES 2019, which means that by the year 2019, these may be the laptops new for sale.

Announced LG about these two computer disks LG Gram 17 and LG Gram 2in1 note that the laptop first is the biggest between the two, but the third has, as its name implies the design of a hybrid which lets you use computer laptop or as a tablet which makes it suitable for users who are looking for more flexibility during work.

Share all these two computer disks the same technical specifications so that users can get both with the second generation of Intel Core processors, and with up to 16GB of RAM, as well as up to 512GB of internal memory. Moreover, you’ll come both with other features such as sensor fingerprint and the certificate of the Cross of the military MIL-STD-810g.


The main difference between all these two computer disks will be in size, the computer LG Gram 17 featuring a screen size of 17 inches and accurately 2560×1600 pixels, while the computer LG Gram 2in1 screen size of 14 inches and accurately 1080×1420 pixels. Varies the battery life is also on both devices, the computer LG Gram 17 is able to withstand approximately 19.5 hours, while the computer can LG Gram 2in1 withstand about 21 hours, although the battery life varies depending on how to your use for the laptop.


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