LG unveils LG phone K12 plus in the conference of MWC the year 2019

The version of the last of the smart phone disclosed via the LG conference phone the world which takes place in Barcelona, where he spotted the leaks of the new phone LG K12 plus low cost.

LG K12+ -leak

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It seems that the focus of the LG will not be on the possible versions of just this year, where she monitored the leak for the last of the company knows LG K12 plus, one of the phones low-cost medium disclosed in the MWC 2019.

This version comes with the version of the LG representative of the G8 ThinQ, which provides that the general sensor ToF in the camera front-end, while the phone comes LG K12 Plus specifications low chip processor Helio P22 to the quality of the HD display plus, with dimensions of 18:9 in the screen.

Also this release comes in accordance with the arrangements with a design featuring extrusion top in the screen, which come in the size of 5.8 inches, also features memory random 3 GB RAM and operating system Android 8.1 Oreo, it is also expected that this release comes with a storage capacity of 32 GB which is the same storage capacity provided in the previous version LG K11 plus, it also has an LG phone K12 Plus sensor fingerprint in the background.


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