LG will be a flexible OLED screen and transparent size 77-inch in the exhibition SID 2018


Is the use of screens in all kinds of devices these days, such as billboards, companies, and personal computers, smart phones and smart watches, clubs, etc. However, these screens are mostly static, which means that companies are sometimes obliged to design its devices in accordance with these screens.

This is a problem that trying to screens the flexible solved. And so stated, it in know SID 2018 the company will LG best flexible OLED screen and transparent the size of 77 inch. According to LG, this is the screen that inform the accuracy 4K Ultra HD a transparency of 40 percent and can also roll to half a diameter of 80mm without compromising its function.

This means that in terms of use, they open the door to more possibilities, such as screens that wrap around the stent in order to ads, or take advantage of their flexibility in the creation of windows that can also be used to display information, or can be used in cars and home theater systems and more.

According to the deputy chief executive of the Department of display technology in LG company, Mr. In-Byeong Kang, it was announced by saying : ” LG Display is proud to have a leading role in the history of the innovations of LCD screens which stretches along 50 years by offering the best technology in the world and the first technology in the world like IPS LCD. We will continue to create innovations in the area of young women through the creation of a new screen technology, OLED opening the season another revolutionary of the history of tea “.

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