LG will be about artificial intelligence, Vision AI with an improved version of the phone LG V30

LG V30s

In the month of January, explained some of the South Korean media that LG is going to reveal a new smartphone with the capabilities of artificial intelligence at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 to be held in late this month in Barcelona, Spain. And even then, he has assured us LG company today in a press release that it’s already going to reveal the artificial intelligence, Vision AI for smart phones in Barcelona, and it will embed this technology in version 2018 of ” LG phone high-end the most advanced until now“, this phone is without a doubt LG V30.

Artificial intelligence, Vision AI will automatically perform a survey of the elements and recommend the best position to decide with the knowledge that there will be eight modes to choose from, including Portrait, Food, Pet and Landscape and City Add to the Flower and the Sunrise and Sunset. You will take this technology into consideration viewing angles, colors, background, and level of saturation, and reflection. Has been developed these suggestions after the analysis of more than 100 million images and create more than 1000 unique class page for accurate analysis.

Voice commands exclusive to buy the LG is one of the other Intelligence artificial Vision AI. In cooperation with the company Google, she managed to get LG to upgrade the list of voice commands to 32 so that when it is uttering a series of specific words will open a search feature for images Image Search, and conducting a survey of codes of quick response QR Code, and take panoramic photos, as well as many other tasks. So far, some of the voice commands only are currently available, including ” took a video of the same wide-angle ” or ” open camera with Graphy “.

The other thing that is doing the AI Vision AI is a measure of the brightness in the environments dark to make developed photography in low-light conditions more accurately. It will be artificial intelligence, Vision AI is able also to analyze the items that appear on the camera will suggest the option of buying these elements on the Internet with the display of their prices. Said Ha Jeung-uk, a senior vice president in the Department of mobile communications at LG : ” the future of the LG lies in the artificial intelligence, not only in hardware specifications and speed of processing “. He added : ” the creation of smart phones more intelligent will be our focus in the future“, indicating that we might see this tech in phone LG G7 also coming later this year.


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