LG you change the head of the department mobile devices again to fix the situation

LG V40 ThinQ

This is the period of the year in which the company LG make some organizational changes to improve its business. Will become of Mr. Brian Kwon, who is currently head of the Department of home entertainment at LG’s new head of mobile devices.

Mr. Brian Kwon background, Mr. Hwang Jeong-hwan, who will now focus on his role as head of the Office of business development in the company after heading the Department of mobile devices in the company during the twelve-month period. In a press release, the company noted LG to Brian Kwon played a crucial role in the transformation of the Department of TV, and the Home section of audio, a section of personal computers to the sections of a leader in the company, as that ” his knowledge and experience in the global market will be key in the continuous improvement section of mobile devices in the company LG.

It also commended LG by Hwang Jeong-hwan, who succeeded in enhancing the efficiency of quality assurance processes and product development. Include regulatory changes other taken by the LG company recently moved some of the daily responsibilities of the CEO of the company Jo Seong-jin to CFO David Jung. This includes overseeing the operations, support and deal with financial decisions and Communications Security.

Moreover, it has been changing the name of department in charge of automotive components to enhance its commercial success by focusing additional resources on finding solutions.



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