Li Nan, co-founder and vice-president resign officially from the company Meizu


Quit Li Nan, co-founder, vice president of the company Meizu, which is also the duty of the police of his position. He announced this news in a post on the social network of Chinese Weibo.

Before he reveals his exit from the company that contributed to its founding, denied the former CEO that he was leaving. In a note he published it, he explained that he had to terminate the controversy in relation to getting out of the company, which has generated some chaos. In the note, he revealed that he already started to bear fewer responsibilities after the launch of the Meizu phone 16. Moreover, he acknowledged, further, that the company is facing challenges, but he thinks that things will get better as long as they don’t stop talking.

While never reveals his next move, he has revealed to us, Mr. Li Nan, he is still focused on the consumer market and develop new business relationships. He also thanked co-workers, investors and shareholders.

It should be noted that Mr. Li Nan had participated in the process of the founding of the company Meizu, along with all of Bai Yongxiang, who now serves as CEO of the company, Mr. Huang Zhang also known as Jack Wong. Began Meizu as a manufacturer why MP3 before proceed to train phones in the year 2008. Now, the company has a variety of products, but the phones are a source of revenue key. In the past year, celebrated the company Meizu for the fifteenth anniversary of its founding.


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