Library Nuri – encourage your child to read on with the best digital library cart for the kids!

You may be better reading habits that may be acquired by the child through the stages of growth first, and parents and educators to drown in the little love found and since the earliest age, and for this we offer you a “library of nori – the Arabian stories inspirational children”.

مكتبة نوري - شجع طفلك على القراءة مع أفضل مكتبة رقمية عربية للأطفال!Library Nuri – encourage your child to read on with the best digital library cart for the kids!

The library of nori .. the Arabian stories of inspirational children

After becoming smart devices available in the hands of our children, it was necessary to provide a perfect choice to spend children time on these devices instead of wasting time on electronic games or browsing random YouTube this is provided by the library of nori.

مكتبة نوري .. بوابة معرفية للأطفالThe library of Nori, a gate, a gallery for children

The content of my gallery and my story in Arabic

The application library “Nuri” child can read books directly where you content library contains more than 500 books and stories in Arabic in cooperation with publishing houses specialized in children’s literature (such as the parks, the originality, the oasis of tales, ambassador, library of knowledge, Jasmine, etc.).

And which tends to apply the library of nori :

  • Determine the age group and direct the mother to appropriate

  • The ability to download stories to read later without internet

  • Continue reading feature interactive story through the voice reading each story.

مكتبة نوري - أفضل مكتبة رقمية عربية للأطفال!

Also featuring a place of the existence of multiple labels for books and stories available to it to facilitate access. Find in a library:

  • Books read low

  • Stories and fairy tales before sleep

  • Books useful information for kids

  • Stories develop imagination

  • Stories moral and positive

  • Stories of the prophets

  • Book of the names of God for kids

  • Stories from the Quran

  • Books on Arabic grammar

The content library is constantly renewed, and add more books periodically not.

مكتبة نوري - أفضل مكتبة رقمية عربية للأطفال!

Participate in the library of the nori

To see all the titles available in the library directly download the Nuri now, if you want to young to enjoy all the books and stories application there is a monthly subscription includes a free trial period for a week!

Download library periodically

Application library Nuri is now available on Android devices iPhone and iPad and you can download the app through the following link:

Coder: Noory

Price : free download

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