License landed back Huawei temporarily for a period of 90 days

Got Huawei the period of the temporary deferral for before pulling the license landed in the final, where they will have the giant Chinese period of 90 days just before the implementation of Google’s decision.

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Still the repercussions of the recent events that passed by Huawei under the titles the first of many technical News, and in a new twist to the decision to withdraw the license landed from Huawei, decided by the U.S. State Department to postpone implementation of the decision to withdraw the license landed for a period of 90 days, did not leave the implementation of this resolution from the consequences of damage to the interests of the Chinese giant.

I came to the decision to Google the latter to withdraw the license landed from Huawei company as a result of the imposition of Trump on the Chinese giant and the inclusion of Huawei in the Black List, where the forced Google to stop its work with Huawei to side pull the license landed, which is the destruction of the Department of the phone company Huawei.

Confirmed report of a network root device News that Huawei would be able to during this period of the purchase of goods American, and to update the system landed in their versions of smart phones, while preventing Huawei from buying new parts and components for American-made products without obtaining a license at the outset, which is what constitutes the difficulty certainly during this period.

Projections indicate that Huawei will try hard to get the update to Android Q during the period available until the implementation of the decisions of Trump, but the ability to run new versions of the smartphone operating system landed you will feel difficulty because the new versions won’t think of Google, so may not be able to Huawei support phones Honor 20, which will be revealed tomorrow, or a phone Mate X system landed before the approval of Google, and belong to the period of postponement of the implementation of the decision to withdraw the license landed on the 19th of August.


I know of

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