Lidar, 120 Hz and 6.7-inch screen: this is the largest leak on iPhone 12

Despite the fact that leaks about new iPhones happen quite often, they do not cause much interest among the general public. After all, as a rule, for them we are given either spy shots of any details, or informational insights, backed up only by the authority of the one who made them public. But more meaningful leaks, unfortunately, do not occur so often, and even then in most cases Apple itself becomes the culprit, which forgets to remove the mention of functions related to the new iPhone from the fresh iOS beta. But it also happens in another way.

iPhone 12 Pro Max will receive a 6.7-inch screen, support for 120 Hz and a ToF sensor

Apple может удешевить производство iPhone 12 из-за 5G. Пострадает аккумулятор

Tonight, several insiders – the author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro and John Prosser – confirmed the appearance in the older version of the iPhone 12 of a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a ToF sensor and an increase in the diagonal of its screen to 6.7 inches while maintaining the front notch for face recognition sensors. , which is still not going anywhere in this generation of iPhone.

Screenshots of iPhone 12

On the left is the switch for the leader and on the right for the 120Hz mode

In support of their words, they provided screenshots of the interface of the future smartphone and a series of two pictures, which supposedly shows a test prototype of the novelty. His appearance remained hidden, but this did not prevent to see the switches of key innovations.

Apple впервые может представить новый iPad и Apple Watch 6 раньше iPhone 12

Apparently, the only iPhone to get a 120Hz display will be the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. Despite the fact that we previously reported about interruptions in the supply of drivers for such matrices, it is possible that Apple has decided to equip only one model with a 120 Hz screen, although it was previously planned that at least two will receive it.

On the other hand, we have no confirmation that even the older iPhone 12 will receive such a display, because Apple could have added a corresponding switch to the smartphone settings even before it learned about the shortage of components. If everything was so, we should expect that in the release version of the firmware these parameters will simply be removed.

IPhone 12 Pro Max screen

Previously, the AM / PM icon did not fit on the iPhone screen

Now let's go through the photos of the prototype shared by the author of the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel. He claims that he had a test sample of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch screen. It is, of course, impossible to verify this. But, according to the blogger, an AM icon indicates an increase in the diagonal, indicating the time in the afternoon in a 12-hour display format.

Стоит ли ждать iPhone 12 с экраном 5,4″ или взять сейчас iPhone SE 2020

You may not have paid attention to this – especially if you use a 24-hour format – but all the full-screen iPhones that came out in the past only displayed numbers. Their screens simply did not have enough space to place the AM / PM badge. True, in my opinion, Apple could do without it by adding a percentage scale to the battery icon.

Apple decided to remove the charger from the iPhone 12

Speaking of batteries. Now, in order to charge them, you have to buy a power supply separately, because, judging by this line, the complete charger from the iPhone will no longer be available. Rumors about this have been around for a very long time, but it was difficult to believe them, given that only a year ago Apple began to equip the iPhone 11 with 18-watt charger.

Why do you need a ToF sensor

So far, only the iPad Pro 2020 has a leader, but this year it will appear on the iPhone

As for the ToF sensor, or, as it is also called, the lidar, it will definitely appear, but, most likely, only in older iPhone models. Still, you need to take into account the high cost of its implementation, as well as narrow functionality. Therefore, if Apple does not complete the younger iPhone models – and there may be two of them, according to rumors – users will not notice much of a difference, as the buyers of the iPad Pro 2020 did not notice.

Когда на самом деле покажут iPhone 12?

If you remember, the ToF sensor that Apple has equipped its new generation of tablets has turned out to be practically useless in everyday use. He was incapable of anything other than more accurate placement of objects in augmented reality, so that they would not fall into the texture. But, unfortunately, the ToF sensor in the iPad Pro 2020 could not boast of either distance measurements, or the creation of three-dimensional maps of the room, or even portrait photography.

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