Life without Joni: Apple has decided to double the staff of designers

They say that irreplaceable people do not happen. With respect to Apple it really is. In Cupertino simply can’t afford to care one man paralyzed the entire work. Therefore, even if the company leaves a key employee, it continues to function properly. The first time we found out about it in 2011 when Steve jobs resigned as CEO, and did not happen anything. He was already ready replacement in the person of Tim cook, who turned out to be even more effective Manager. However, Joni Ivom it turned out differently.

As the resource Thinknum, after the recognition of jony Ive’s leadership of Apple in his retirement, which allegedly was done a few months before the official announcement, the company began to urgently recruit new designers. Since the beginning of this year the total number of vacancies in command of industrial design increased by more than two times, from 270 in January to around 580 at the end of July. This is a very significant growth, especially for the design of the unit.

Apple without jony Ive

No other sector Apple seems to have not grown as rapidly. Even the recruitment of experts for the development of augmented reality and artificial intelligence has been more measured. Obviously, there were reasons in order to strengthen the design team as soon as possible.

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Most likely, in Cupertino not looking for a man who would have taken the post jony Ive, the more that it is someone to take now. However, it is possible that the search for new designers today is a kind of investment by Apple in their future. The company understands that it needs fresh blood, new ideas and innovative approach to design, which once offered Ive. It would therefore be quite logical to start looking for someone younger to continue to nurture him into a new sir Jonathan.

New products from Apple

However, I have another version. We should not exclude that the extension staff of designers is not the result of planned care jony Ive, but only the preparation of the company for possible expansion. The fact is that right now Apple is working on a large number of new products that we will see in the future. There is nothing unusual in the fact that companies simply do not have enough designers, and she does that just makes up for the lack of manpower.

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