Lift speed youtube 5 times this way

Launched Google new design for YouTube last year, but in the case of using any of the browsers edge, Safari or Firefox to find that youtube has become slow down five times due to the adoption of new design techniques for programming non-common depends not only Chrome.

This is another case where Google made and modify the Web service to work with better or only work with each other, such as the lack of possibility to open YouTube and TV via the Firefox browser, as the Google for several years booked the service maps on Windows phones iPhone.

Although we are still able to open youtube from other browsers except Chrome, but they usually require a load time longer daily up to five times the time, but can fortunately avoid this problem by turning on YouTube with the old one.

Although this means abandoning the newer design of the site, but users can browser Firefox download extra YouTube Classic in order to raise the speed youtube 5 fold, while will need the users of the browsers edge and Safari to use the lines of specific software via the Add Tampermonkey to get design older.

Users edge:

1) Download Tampermonkey from the Microsoft store

2) activate the Tampermonkey by going to Settings and then plugins inside edge

3) download this script to force YouTube to use design senior

The users of Safari:

1) Download Tampermonkey browser Safari

2) accept the install Tampermonkey

3) download this script to force YouTube to use design senior

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