Light began working with Sony to bring to market a multi-camera

Кукишев Дмитрий

Last summer we told you that the Light company is ready to provide manufacturers a ready-made camera modules with a large number of image sensors.

To be more precise, then it was about the number from five to nine. Apparently, the first smartphone with a camera Light will Nokia 9 PureView. I really hope that there will be five sensors precisely in order to form a picture together, and not like now all have smartphones. This could be a revolution in the market of smartphone cameras.

But we need to wait for the announcement of Nokia 9 and the first tests to understand how everything is cool or not cool.

And while Light decided to continue to move in the market his concept, which has secured a partnership with Sony. The essence of partnership is very simple. Light will develop a multi-module camera using the Sony sensor. What she uses now unknown, perhaps from different manufacturers. But we have something against Sony don’t have anything, right?

Light will create ready-made sets of cameras and sell them to manufacturers of smartphones. Soft partly, I think, will also be from Light, although companies will be able to modify it. And yet, as it turned out, the Light has its own image processor. Indeed, initially the ISP in a modern SoC is not designed for the formation of pictures, a picture is obtained from several cameras with different focal lengths. Now max are used simultaneously the data from the two sensors, and it is often only for zoom.

But with ISP from Light while the situation is dark. First, only now the company is told about it, so it is unclear whether these chips mandatory for clients to Light, and secondly, Nokia 9 is not released yet, to understand whether such a processor is generally same or can be trained to handle such volumes of data blocks in a conventional SoC.

In any case, I hope we have a interesting era in mobile cameras, for now obviously there is a slight stagnation.

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