Lightning Network does not solve the scalability problem of Bitcoin. Why the founder of the BTC.Top thinks so?

Lightning Network for a long time considered a cure for the scalability problems of Bitcoin, which emerged in 2014-2015. She even caused a few hardforce main coins. In a bid to accelerate transactions between nodes, many supporters began to seek a solution to the second level, which would allow Bitcoins to remain competition among cryptocurrencies in all aspects.

The founder of mining pool Bitcoin BTC.Top Jiang Gower shared his opinion on this matter and questioned the ability of the Lightning Network. In his opinion, the network will not be able to gain a significant user base for solutions to common problems and ultimately this will lead to the failure of LN.

Lightning Network quite steadfastly endured this kryptonia, continues to grow and increase the level of acceptance. Despite a significant drop of capitalization of the stock market from 800 to the current $ 130 billion. At the moment, the network throughput reaches 725 BTC, equivalent to 2.7 million dollars.

However, in a recent interview, Gower said that the decision of the second level will not help Bitcoin to get rid of scaling problems. The fact that cryptocurrencies are locked within the channels.

Most of the funding comes from kryptomere through the payment gateways are unidirectional, and do BTC in these channels are consumed very quickly. Therefore, the constant opening and closing of channels for each separate transaction will lead to an increase in the fee, and most of the sellers do not want to work through LN.

Moreover, Gower noted that in this system kryptomere will not be able to control client assets, and it will become the cause of technical difficulties.

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